Meet Way of Jay Fitness


Meet Way of Jay

“Focus on your Future with one rep at a time”

Here I am going to tell you how I went from almost becoming a pro baseball player to now dedicating my whole life as a professional trainer to people across the world. I found my passion the first time I stepped into a gym and it changed my life over the past 10 years. I never knew that pursuing something such as lifting weights would have such an impact and now the knowledge I’ve gained has touched so many lives. This website will guide you through my own training style that I’ve obtained that has kept me LEAN 24/7. I’ve studied clients and their bodies for years but being able to change their mindset is the foundation of giving them the body they truly want. I can give them a plan and hope they follow it but I want my clients to be dedicated and motivated. This will then allow me to envision exactly what they want and provide them with all the resources for a lifetime of confidence. This website will teach you how to focus on the short term goals as in conquering the day ahead for the pursuit on surpassing long term goals.

As a Highly Sculpted Aesthetic Professional, I’ve built my physique over 10 years through superior hard work, trial and error, and the power of consistency. The longevity of getting results usually scares people into even starting a fitness journey; however, my clients currently and over the years are changing quickly as 3 to 6 months to a year. The power from the mind is highly required to accomplish not only fitness goals but goals in your daily life.

My training style is very unorthodox and has been verified with hands on clients and online clients around the world.  I worked with countless clients on changing their body compositions through my innovative training, carb cycling nutrition, update weekly progression pictures and 24/7 trainer support. My programs are very challenging and require consistency, determination, and patience. I promise long lasting results to the clients who will commit to your life for the well being.

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